Nadine Lustre’s younger brother commits suicide

Nadine Lustre's younger brother commits suicide

The younger brother of TV and movie actress Nadine Lustre has committed suicide.

In a report published by, Isaiah Paguia Lustre, 16, was found lying in his room in Quezon City. The high school student died with a gunshot on his head.

According to the statements made by Ezexiel and Naomi – victim’s siblings – they were busy playing iPad games when they heard two gunshots from the other room. They rushed to the room and saw their brother lying. They immediately seek help from their neighbors and brought him to the Pacific Global Medical Center but died upon arrival.

The siblings also said they didn’t see any big problem from the victim but noticed  the past few weeks, the late brother became easily irritated, wanted to be alone, and refused to talk with them.

Their father, Ulysses, refused to conduct an investigation because he’s convinced his son did commit suicide.

On Instagram, Nadine posted  a series of photos through her My Day feed using the hashtag #KeepGoing. It was a campaign to spread awareness on depression.

Nadine Lustre Keep Going

Nadine Lustre Keep Going

Nadine Lustre Keep Going