Meet the Owners of Laguna’s Famous Chocolate Cakes – MER-NELS CAKE HOUSE

Cake is a sweet dessert that often served on occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Cakes have different categories that are based on ingredients and mixing techniques such as cheesecakes, butter cakes, sponge, chiffon and chocolate, which is the most common.

In Los Baños, Laguna, there’s a cake house that is very famous for their chocolate cakes. Its ‘Mer-Nel’s Cake House, owned by a couple naming Merle and Nelson Balicao.
Their cake business started in the cafeteria of University of the Philippines-Los Baños (UPLB) in 1970s where they also became a couple during their stay. While raising their family and children, they put up a small bakery.

In 1980s, their business grew so they decided to pay more attention to it by opening 3 storey-events building which is also in Los Baños. Through this strategy their business is now known as the “hometown of the famous chocolate cakes”.

Their cakes comes in round cakes, rectangular and rolls. But they are more known for their heart-shaped chocolate cake that can be decorated with a message.
Merle said, “Yung mga message na nililigay sa cake, ito ang nagbibigay inspirasyon sa mga umo-order nito.”
They sell around 600 cakes a day, they also serve to events and full-catering.

Despite all their successes, Merle and Nelson still keep their life simple since they also came from nothing. They are hands on and they are always seen at the shop. They are sometimes mistaken as employees such as being janitor, because others see them cleaning and sweeping.

The couple are grateful that they can help many by giving them work. They share their blessings by helping others, they consider it also as their treasure.

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