Favorite Christmas Food In The Philippines

Delectable Christmas Food In The Philippines

Christmas season in the Philippines starts the first day of September wherein Christmas songs already play in radios and some TV programs. It has always been fun to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines, aside from the month long celebration and we always look forward for the all the foods served during this season.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year not just because of gifts but also because of the unlimited foods during parties.
Simbang Gabi is a series of novena masses that starts on December 16. People got to church at 4 in the morning and then right away after mass, Filipinos starts to look for the Bibingka, a flat thick yellow rice cake and Puto Bumbong, steamed purple rice cake.

Here are some Filipino Christmas Food:

1. Bibingka is a native Filipino delicacy. It’s the first food we think when ‘Ber months’ starts. It is a rice cake with melted cheese, sliced salted eggs on top.

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2. Puto Bumbong is purple-colored dessert which is also a Filipino delicacy. It is cooked or steamed using bamboo tubes and served hot with grated coconut, sugar and margarine.

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3. Hot Chocolate enjoys to drink with bibingka and puto bumbong.

4. Quezo De Bola is used as the centerpiece on the Christmas table. It is a red round ball that has a salty taste and eaten in small pieces.

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5. Christmas Ham is the main meal on every Christmas gathering. Noche Buena for Filipinos is not complete without this. It is the pork leg, smoked until it becomes soft tender state.

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